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Features of On Time Live Chat Support Services

Our chat systems are stable and are SSL-based chat systems. Customers will leave a message while they're offline. We have a canned response manager and our chat support executives can chat in multiple languages using a multi-language feature. Sites, connect images and proactive messages can be sent seamlessly.

Our chat systems can also accommodate simultaneous chats with ease, and if appropriate, we can also provide high-quality video chat services for quicker, better performance. We have a real-time site activity monitor at On Time Solutions that can monitor a large number of users.
We can also monitor browsing history, visitor history, time spent on a website, and visitor type of browser.

Chat Help Software Used in On Time Solutions

Our chat support team is well equipped to use all the new chat tools and can use any software you choose. If you want us to use a particular chat software, we can train our team to use the software of your choosing.

Industries We Cater to

We offer a wide variety of live chat support to several industries and verticals. That includes-









Retail & Ecommerce




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With On Time Solutions, a wide range of specialized facilities can be opened through several different businesses and vertical structures. Furthermore, we provide you with 7 years of experience in analyzing sales skills, negotiating contracts, and resolve rules, enforcement, and SLA issues. We save you precious time. Our core principles of integration, cooperation, and competence are closely adhered to build lasting time-tested partnerships.

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