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Benefits of Choosing On Time Solutions for Chat Support Services

At On Time Solutions, we have more than 7 years of experience in providing unmatched chat support services to a range of global organizations. When you outsource chat support services to us you can focus on your core competencies and business functions.
Some of the many benefits of using our chat support services include- 

Flexible pricing plans

We provide flexible pricing packages based on a variety of factors, including the number of operators, change coverage, amount of chats/calls, location, etc.
This will help you dramatically reduce costs and increase the number of prospects. 

100% Information Security

We protect your business details from any unwarranted interruptions.
Our workstations, distribution centers, and networks are rock-solid and can protect your data through any security failure.

High Quality

We have applied a Six-Sigma approach
to catering for our chat support services.
It helps to increase productivity and reduce waste.
When you outsource live chat support services to us, you will see a
a steady rise in the frequency of the visitor, which will reduce your prospective expense.

Transparency of procedures

Our approach to online chat support solutions is designed to facilitate easy access to our services.
We will archive all correspondence for any possible review.
Chats and calls can be analyzed with more than 128 parameters and stored
in our built-in CRM, which makes it easier to use for future research purposes.

Multiple Distribution Center

We leverage our global scope to provide our world-class
chat support services through the use of local resources.
For this to happen, we have set up five separate global distribution centers and have four offices distributed over different time zones.

Built-in to CRM

In our facility, we have a built-in CRM that assists us in handling customer contact details and encourages customized customer follow-up.
Our agents often use CRM to monitor progress.


Our chat support operators have multi-lingual proficiency.
They are specialists in contact with the client.

24/7 Availability

Our chat support team is available 24/7 days a week. They are always available for any query/issue. They also use well-written sales manuals that can help you market and up-sell your services/products.

Experienced Team

Our company has more than 40 executive chat support staff. So, if you choose us as your online chat support partner, you can leverage our experience, expertise, and support.

Comprehensive weekly and monthly reports

We submit weekly/monthly reports to all our clients to
help them track the progress of the services offered.
It can also help to evaluate and recognize holes
in the sales process, which can be removed later on.

The choice to scale up

At On Time Solutions, we have the resources needed, both in terms of numbers and infrastructure. We can do that if you want to spike the deliverables.
This way, you just have to pay for the services you offer, and you don't need to spend any extra on building facilities or recruiting resources.

Emphasis on core competencies

Outsourcing online chat support services will allow your organization to focus more on the core competencies of your business.
If your customers' questions are handled, you will pay more attention to sales and marketing.

Get more information about your customers.

Your company should get more information about potential clients and what they're interested in. This vital knowledge will help you better understand what your customers are searching for.

Respond to queries Immediately

Chat support has more benefits compared to email support, as the
customers' questions are answered directly, and there is no need for follow-ups.

Other advantages of using OTS Live Chat Support Services

  • Our Live Chat Support Services can benefit your organization turn your guests into customers.
  • Provide technical support to customers
  • Increase registration
  • Provide professional assistance to clients
  • Increase the ROI
  • Generate leads at cost-effective rates
  • Cross-selling & up-selling
  • Reduce cancellations
  • Get access to the email addresses of your customers and use it for powerful email marketing and lead generation.
  • Deflect your toll-free calls to the chat support team and save your phone bills.

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With On Time Solutions, a wide range of specialized facilities can be opened through several different businesses and vertical structures. Furthermore, we provide you with 7 years of experience in analyzing sales skills, negotiating contracts, and resolve rules, enforcement, and SLA issues. We save you precious time. Our core principles of integration, cooperation, and competence are closely adhered to build lasting time-tested partnerships.

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