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Telemarketing Services

Outsourcing telemarketing services will help your company augments your current customer relationships. OTS, a leader in outsourcing, will satisfy all your telemarketing requirements. We will maximize your revenue by efficiently closing your sales through our professional inbound/outbound telemarketing services and by building a leading sales force. When you outsource telemarketing services to On Time Solutions, we will provide you with insightful details on the unfulfilled requirements, the level of satisfaction, and the needs of your customers. In addition to this detail, we will also provide your company with strategic ways to resolve the concerns of your customers and strengthen customer relationships. Our wide range of offshore telemarketing services includes inbound sales, inbound customer services, outbound analysis, telemarketing sales, and outbound lead generation. telemarketing Services

  1. Cold Calling Service
  2. At On Time Solutions, we have the skills and experience needed to provide you with professional cold calling services. Our team of call center executives leverages the latest and best cold call software and technology to help our clients recruit new clients and raise their sales. We can also help clients develop a positive a long-term relationship with clients with our excellent communication skills.
  3. B2B Cold Calling Services
  4. We provide our clients with well-planned and strategic B2B cold call services that will enable them to gain and retain new customers within a short timeframe. We truly understand the target group and our qualified professionals ensure that we offer only the highest quality B2B cold calling services.
  5. Real Estate Cold Calling Services
  6. Real estate cold call services need highly qualified and professional resources who are willing to participate in productive discussions with potential prospects. We ensure that we leverage the latest tools and technology along with the data provided by the customer to ensure that they optimize sales of their assets.
  7. B2C Cold Calling Services
  8. We have some of the best call center executives and B2C cold call specialists on board who can listen to all of your needs with ease. We build and follow a strategic sales script that will allow us to introduce your products/services to the prospective customer, query them, get feedback, and develop more communication.
  9. B2B Telesales Services
  10. We will call up your contact list and run telephone promotions to boost your brand and enhance product sales. Our validated call strategy ensures maximum coverage and efficient conversion of cold leads by advertising the goods and services that they are likely to purchase.
  11. Prospecting Services
  12. We offer extensive prospecting services to help our customers find potential buyers for their products/services. Finding prospective buyers is easier said than done. Our expert prospectors make this easier for you by bringing their years of experience to the table when you outsource your prospecting services to us.
  13. Inbound Telemarketing Services
  14. At On Time Solutions, we have more than 16 years of experience and expertise in providing inbound telemarketing services. When a customer approaches us for inbound telemarketing services, we first evaluate and appreciate the requirements of our customers. After evaluating the requirements of our customers, our inbound telemarketing experts will provide our customers with the perfect inbound telemarketing solution at a competitive price.
  15. Our broad range of inbound services includes: dealer locator services, market analysis surveys, third-party verification services, lead generation services, direct response services, order-taking services, opinion surveys, up-selling/cross-selling services, catalog sales services, membership application services, answering services, insurance claims services, and survey services.
  16. Outbound Telemarketing Services
  17. Outsource outbound telemarketing services to On Time Solutions and connect 24x7x365 days of skilled outbound telemarketing services. We can effectively qualify leads, create database lists, assess the concurrence of databases, and recommend other successful marketing strategies. At our outbound telemarketing facility, we use the latest tools and technology to provide you with the best-of-breed services. We have the experience and expertise to include a variety of telemarketing services, including market analysis projects, telemarketing sales, and Lead Generation Services, Telemarketing Appointment Setting Services, Product/Service Sales, Cold Canvassing, Primary Research, Reminder Calling, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, and Telemarketing Lead Generation, among others.
  18. Telemarketing Consulting Services
  19. At On Time Solutions, we have competent telemarketing consulting services. Our services provide on-site analysis, performance assessments, reporting requirements, scripting analysis, etc. Our team of telemarketing experts can efficiently create personalized telemarketing scripts and provide benchmarking services, training modules, etc. Outsource telemarketing consulting services to On Time Solutions and get the advantage of our cost-effective and professional services.
  20. Listing Marketing Services
  21. We can provide a list of marketing and telemarketing services. The marketing lists that we create include information such as zip code, state, city, salary, job description, and credit card details, among others. To ensure that your mailing services are successful, we can also provide national change of address services.

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