B2B Lead Generation Services

Will you like to find the audience for your services and products?
You could be lagging behind because of the inefficient B2B lead generation strategy.

Are the teams struggling to close out deals for prospects?
It may have been a lack of experience. Without further ado, get in touch with a B2B lead generation service provider like us and we'll get you through the lead generation process in the most efficient way.

On Time Solutions is backed by a comprehensive background in helping companies manage the market to close deals with warm leads.
To do this correctly, you'll need a full road map of the B2B landscape, and the correct trackers for the segment and approach lead in a strategic manner.
All of which we improve, at OTS.

B2B Lead Generation Services We Provide

Offshore B2B OTS Lead Generation Services is a strategic approach to raising your ROI without wasting your budget. So, avoid spending inadvertently and explore our B2B lead generation solutions that include-

  1. Campaigns for Demand Generation
    If you have a product line that is ready to be created, we will carry out demand generation strategies to gain the attention of potential customers. We can also simplify brand switching strategies to
    draw new leads away from their existing providers.
  2. Appointment Settings Services
    We will set up a sales appointment for your leads to saving you from the difficulties of matching one and setting reminders.
  3. Multichannel Lead Commitment
    We can submit personalized content with invitations
    to webinars and events to benefit your interest.
  4. Support for lead discovery
    With our smart lead look-out service, we will help you find the best leads.
    So, you can open large and diverse markets where
    your goods and services can be at their zenith.

B2B Lead Generation Process We Follow

Our B2B lead generation approaches require a well-coordinated methodology that is both efficient and transparent.
We are a trusted supplier of leading generation services across domestic and export markets. it is our streamlined operation, which is responsible for making us a number one provider –

  1. Requirement Discovery
    We will help you understand the current situation and the tools that can be used to increase the ROI.
  2. Planning for the Lead Generation Strategy
    We will customize the lead generation strategy that
    is sufficient for your marketing budget and your requirements.
  3. Lead Generation Campaign
    We will launch generation initiatives that will involve a combination of a phone call, email, and a direct approach to raising awareness and cultivating their interest.
  4. Leader Segmentation and Appointment
    Skilled managers who show interest are segmented and lined
    up for an appointment with the sales department in the future.
  5. Shift of eligible leaders
    The eligible lead data will be submitted, after segmentation, in a format desired by your sales team. Then it will be converting to your clients at any time.
  6. Analytics of Lead Generation
    On request, we can also provide lead generation data analysis to
    help you determine the number of leads and additional campaign information.
  • Fast processing time
    The turnaround time to plan leads for the conversion is shorter because we have the experience of engaging and nurturing their attention without losing track of the deadline.
  • Scalability
    Scale up or down as you go by selecting a B2B lead generation company such as On Time Solutions. We will provide you with complete support
    to help you scale without any lag.
  • Single-point contact
    You can get personalized service without waiting
    for a response from any department forever.
    You can use a single point of contact
    to convey your complaints and get an immediate response.
  • Professional Lead Generation
    Agents and Manager Team

We have a team of 500 + experienced leading generation specialists who are aware of the latest generation tactics along with the right tools and applications.
We will fill your sales volume gap by raising visibility through multi-channel promotions.

Secure data sharing

Our data exchange channels are regularly scanned using robust security tools, and vitals are monitored to remove any security threats (if any).

On Time Solutions has gained the confidence of more than 1000 companies worldwide because we provide responsive leads that translate to sales. Our outbound generation strategy includes email marketing, list building, telemarketing, and more. We're still ready to find some of the best leads. We also cultivate their curiosity with a steady stream of ads before they are willing to take the next step in sales.


  1. Opportunity Exploring
    Filled with top-notch marketing intelligence, we're going to navigate undiscovered markets with scattered prospects.
    Our leading generation agents will pursue leadership by attending trade shows, business events, and executing a tailored campaign. If we find the leads that fit your sales preferences, we will use our marketing engine to launch multichannel marketing promotions.
  2. Campaign Management & Control
    We will use proprietary campaign management tools to schedule, execute, monitor, and run your CRM analysis for quick and effective outbound lead generation.
    We can monitor the response from each channel using a tracker.

B2C Lead Generation Services We Provide


We will help you make the best possible use of your marketing expenditures by calculating your opportunities precisely at the time of your sales request. We also offer priceless insights to get the most out of your Omni channel campaigns to maximize the number of potential leads in your pipeline by delivering comprehensive reports that will help you track campaign progress along with real-time conversion rates.
We offer a variety of digital marketing solutions as part of the B2C lead generation, including the following-


  1.  Optimization of Search Engine (SEO)
    We will improve your landing pages and company website to introduce targeted promotions to your digital audience.
    By gathering data from analytical tools, we collect insights that tell us how to create organic traffic.
  2. Retargeting Leads
    If your prospects have moved away from your B2C website, you can still convince them by supporting ads on pages they visit around the web by learning their browsing pattern derived from your website's Cookie.
    Retargeting will carry prospects back to sales negotiation if they have abandoned carts on their first visit.
  3. Marketing Content Solutions
    We can spread B2C generation services to an uncharted marketing environment through high-quality content. Using audio, visual, and text-based content, we broadcast your personalized marketing messages far and wide to captivate the attention of B2C leaders who are looking for goods and services.
  4. Analytical Solutions
    We use proprietary analytics software and engines to discover the best likelihood and strategy for closing deals with B2C leads. At OTS, we systematically research and analyze analytical data using shrewd judgment and computational resources.

Lead Qualification Services We Provide

The expiry of the lead is short and requires a dedicated promotional strategy to be converted. Prospects can work with the organization that responds first. So, for your follow-up plan, you must be swift and prepared. Besides, you will need to focus on your sales pitch and the promise of a safe lead. However, it is hard to give equal attention to each lead. Your sales team needs to emphasize leadership and optimize marketing resources at any level of the sales funnel.

OTS is an expert certification service provider where our agents can generate leads across multiple channels such as social, email, voice, mobile & web marketing. Our lead certification services will help your internal sales team to qualify, filter, identify, handle, append, and track leads. We can also set up a system to carry out the lead qualification and improve your sales enclosure with better leads. We can quickly direct the vetted leads to your sales team, and thus serve them to turn them into qualified sales and clients.
Our services of lead qualification include-

  •  Web Enquiries
  •  Contact Us Forms
  •  Company Database
  •  Request for Quote
  •  Inbound Calls
  •  Online Referral Sources
  •  Webinars
  •  Demo Downloads
  •  Events
  •  Tradeshows

On Time Solutions is a leading generation data-driven telemarketing company that uses lead generation techniques to increase sales for your fast TAT business. Our understanding of complex markets and leading-edge technology will help you create a lead pool and ROI.
We will guide brand recognition to the right people whose profile is in line with your sales requirements and strategy.


  1. Tele nurture
    Some consumers are easy to convert, while others are taking longer to decide.
    As a result, OTS's telecare service ensures that your leads remain warm via re-entry.
    We use the BANT criteria to re-qualify your lead over a period to ensure a good conversion. We can establish Tele conversations, extract data from a previous interaction, change the script, and take care of the lead interest in the most efficient way.
  2. List building solution
    We work with the best technology and telephony agents to gather B2B contacts of your targeted prospects from the local site
    search, web analysis, and social media searches, and to check every contact and need to ensure successful phone-based prospecting.
  3. Inside Sales
    We're going to look for signs extensively through engagement.
    Anything that influences the likelihood of a transfer to revenue. We will begin by reviewing past experiences and then work towards the end of the BANT agreement. Therefore, leads that are classified as eligible sales will be forced into your CRM to close sales.
  4. 5-Event RSVP
    We will help you grow your list and contact your leads directly to ensure that they are engaged in the initial engagement. This will be helped by follow-up calls to get feedback. The budget, authority, needs, and timetable would then qualify the sales leads.
  5. Polls and Surveys
    We can identify lead value and their purpose by conducting simple surveys and surveys. This will provide us with accurate insights and this data can be used to tailor the marketing message in order to achieve a favorable response.
  6. Opt-in to follow-up
    If your prospects are spread around markets where the
    Do Not Call policy is in place, don't worry!
    We will follow up with leaders who have agreed to be contacted by sending reminder emails.
    We will send follow-up emails to inquisitive buy-in contacts.

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