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Ordering a commodity from your home or workplace is the prize for a significant part of the world's population. The prospective customer prefers to place an order over the phone so that they can contact a salesman directly to get details, clear doubts, and confirm requirements before placing an order.
Outsourcing orders to a calling center supplier guarantees streamlined inventory sales, while the business focuses on inventory ads and branding.
However, a note of caution when searching for a call center to outsource your telephone order to provide services-only experienced and skilled live operators can turn telephone calls into real sales. Here's where On time solutions steps in as the best.

Why outsource order taking services to On time Solutions?

On time Solutions offers a variety of services, ranging from inbound sales to customer service calls, up-selling, and cross-selling to online order service from your website.
It's our mission to turn purchases into revenues and cross-sales goals.
Opting for On Time Solutions would not only mean that you will acquire new clients, but also that you will keep your current base.
The On Time Solutions order-taking operators are well qualified, and professionals working to provide your client with a personalized response effectively. Our executives understand fully your goods, and business and aim to please your clients.

Benefits of outsourcing order taking services

On time Solutions will achieve the desired customer support and sales goals.
Outsource order to take services to On Time Solutions and get access to the following benefits.

  1. 24x7 services-Our 24x7 handset / toll-free lines ensure that you don't lose out on any customer or that any customer is waiting and
    the size of the workforce is proportionate to the demand and can be tailored according to the evolving trends of advertisement and promotion.
  2. Customized services-We provide customized quality services to the consumer, with a customized database of every size
    of the product catalog, product description, price, and features that are updated frequently as per customer requirements.
  3. Online order pickup services-We combine online order pickup services with live order pickup services.
    We can accommodate a high volume at any given point of time.

  4. Convenient Message Delivery-We send messages in suitable formats such as fax, pager, email, or downloadable files.
  5. Comprehensive order processing methods-We have a wide range of order processing methods, including several delivery and payment solutions, order processing and status checks, credit card authorizations, etc.

Are you looking for after-hour call center services to help you control the calls and emails that you get beyond regular working hours on weekends or holidays?
Would you like to be able to work with them when and when they come in?
If that is the case, you are in the right place.

  1. After-hours Emergency Call Center Services
    On Time Solutions (OTS) is a leading supplier of after-hour call center services which can provide you with a wide variety of after-hour call center solutions.
    We help you fix critical problems on time and make sure you don't neglect your clients.
  2.  After-hours IT Support Services
    We have specialized after-hour services that provide your customers with comprehensive and in-depth IT support to fix any IT issues they can face. We will handle all the outstanding IT issues professionally.
  3.  After-hours Help Desk Services
    Our after-hour help desk services are designed to be a one-stop destination to help your customers with all of their product / service-related problems. After work on weekdays, weekends, and holidays 24/7, meaning that you can support all your customers.

Why Outsource After-Hour Call Center Facilities to On Time Solutions?

On time Solutions is a leading supplier of on-time call center solutions for several reasons, including.

  • Cost-efficiency pricing

We provide our after-hour call center solutions at highly cost-effective rates, ensuring that you get the full benefit of your money.

  •  Protection of data
    We take all precautions to ensure that your business and customer data are both stored and used safely.
  •  High quality programs
  •  Tools and technology
  •  Infrastructure of world-class
    Many of our contact center staff operate out of world-class offices fitted with the new contact center technology equipment.
    It lets them always have world-class services.
  •  Fast Turnover Time
    We are a leading after-hour call center service provider and will always offer our services on time and budget.
  •  Group of experts
    Our after-hour call center team consists of highly skilled agents delivering high-quality services at competitive rates.

Are you looking for tools that can manage your booking requirements in a highly efficient manner?
Are you looking for a team that can efficiently monitor responses and gathers information from the client?
The best choice for your business is to outsource booking services to an experienced provider who can cater to meet your needs and provide you with highly personalized services.

On Time Solutions is a service provider that can be your one-stop-shop for all your booking needs. We carefully consider every need of the client and the problems they face and resolve the issues at stake.

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