How Can Our Virtual Assistants Help You

If you want to save on costs, improve efficiency, and save time for core tasks, activities, employ a virtual assistant from On-time Solutions. Our virtual assistants have a wealth of expertise in conducting the following administrative tasks:

  • Data Entry
  • Event Planning
  • Internet Research
  • Business Card Scanning
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Call Answering
  • Correspondence Management
  • Desktop Publishing Services
  • Presentations / Spreadsheets Creation
  • Travel / Airline and Hotel Reservations

How Did It work?

On-time Solutions is committed to helping our clients increase their business objectives by discovering the most convenient virtual assistant to fulfill their


business needs. We're going to take a range of steps to make this work:

  •  Clients tell us their requirements and needs
  •  We find the right virtual assistant for them
  •  SLA and workflow is formed
  •  Our VA starts working for the clients
  •  Regular VA performance monitoring
  •  Follow-up and feedback from customer


-Building a virtual assistant for correspondence management will allow you to keep in contact with your clients, vendors, and other stakeholders. Skills are needed to handle communications in a professional manner and our virtual assistant has the requisite skills. The Virtual Assistant you employ will ensure that successful contact takes place between you and those associated with your company. Contact us (put our website) to hire a virtual assistant now!

Delegate the responsibility of conducting company correspondence with our virtual assistant.

You can employ a virtual assistant for a fraction of what you would pay to hire a full-time assistant. Besides, you wouldn't have to spend money on different tools, such as phones, computers, etc., to get a virtual assistant to work. After determining your requirements and needs, we will help you hire the right virtual assistant. The automated remote assistant you would hire would have the ability to perform tasks that a full-time clerk/secretary/assistant would do in your office.

Why Hire Our Virtual Assistant?

  •  Ample cost savings
  •  Avoid investing in setting up call lines that get transferred to your personal phone
  •  Have your calls answered even if you are not in office
  •  A virtual assistant is not expensive when compared to a full-time-assistant
  •  Professional and polite approach using professional language
  •  Remote assistant has the necessary infrastructure to answer calls
  •  Highly trained and experienced assistant
  •  Security protocol in place to make sure that information from calls remain confidential
  •  Ability to modify call script as and when required

What would you do if you had to fly abroad in a short time for a business meeting and didn't have the time to schedule your trip? Staying coordinated 24X7 is becoming a huge constraint or company worldwide, which is why you need a dedicated assistant to prepare your path as the effect becomes irreversible issues are not solved as they occur. If spending your time in every niche costs you dearly, we have a solution that can bring an end to your troubles. Well, if you don't have an in-house assistant to help you prepare your trip. We can recruit a virtual assistant from On-time Solutions. Our virtual assistants can help you with booking tickets, hotel reservations, travel plans, and route management.

Virtual Remote Assistant for Travel Planning Process

Your workflow would easier to control as soon as you employ a virtual travel planning assistant from On-time Solutions, this is because our virtual travel planning assistant takes care of everything else that occupies your time and money. Our process is straightforward and makes it easier for you to compare our services without advanced reporting. This is the phase that we are pursuing-

Secure Data Management

As has been stored in our repository, we felt a strong desire to keep your confidential and private data secure. We, therefore, adhere to ISO / IEC 27001:2013 data compliance to demonstrate our firm commitment to data protection.

• Quick Turnaround Time

We are well known for providing VA services on a fast turnaround basis. From delegating your constant duties to taking out individual positions and generating reports, we work promptly you don't have to bear additional hourly rates.

• Cost-effective Virtual Travel Planning Assistant Services

The virtual travel planning assistant services provided by us are economical for individuals, small travel agencies, and big conglomerates. Our prices (put our prices on) can differ depending on your requirements and complexity. You will take full advantage of what we sell at very affordable rates and can not be used elsewhere.

• Secure File Sharing

The sharing of files and digital resources is simple, quick, and secure. That's also because we have a world-class SFTP and VPN the infrastructure that allows the transfer of data without loss or interruption. That encrypts the data we send to avoid illegitimate access.

• Round-the-clock Support

We give 24/7 service to clients all over the world because we care about your needs and how you see your experience with us. We're always going a step ahead to get you the happiness you're always looking for.


Presenting ideas/reports to your business partners, clients, suppliers and another stakeholder is an important task that must be worked out efficiently However, due to the busy schedule of work, there is often little time to work on presentations or critical spreadsheets containing charts and figures. In such a situation, you should delegate the role of making a presentation to an assistant. If you don't have an assistant at home, you should hire an assistant.

Benefits of Hiring Our Virtual Assistant

  •  Get access to correct spreadsheets / presentations created by experts
  •  Get presentations ready within a quick turnaround time, even on a short notice
  •  Save on time and costs
  •  Customized presentations created based on your preference
  •  Devoted assistant at your disposal at a cost much lesser than what you would spend to hire a full-time assistant at your work place
  •  We monitor the performance of the assistant that you hire
  •  Remote assistant works according to your time zone

With a virtual assistant catering to all your presentations and spreadsheets creation needs, you can utilize your time and resources on business development. You can employ a virtual OTS assistant at 1/3 of the cost of what you would pay to employ a full-time in-house assistant. Also, the virtual assistant you employ can perform all the duties that a full-time assistant at your office has to perform. With an efficient Virtual Data Entry Assistant taking care of your regular administrative work related to data processing, you can maximize time and other scarce resources on activities that would have A positive effect on your business. Hire a virtual office assistant (put our link) for all your data management requirements.

Choosing Our Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant to On-time Solutions is quite easy. We completely understand your requirements to help you find the best virtual assistant to meet your needs, as it will have a direct effect on your business, given that many of your non-core business tasks are performed by the assistant you employ. So, we make sure you hire an assistant to carry out your data entry tasks faithfully.

Hiring Our Virtual Assistant Has Several Benefits

  •  Experienced assistant in the domain of data management
  •  Ability to manage small and large scale data entry tasks
  •  Professional approach
  •  Excellent coordination skills
  •  Simple process to hire an assistant
  •  Easy on the pocket

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