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Corporate History

On Time Solutions was first founded in 2013 as a small office that serves telecommunication industry by providing inbound and outbound call center outsourcing. The founder and Co-founder is a husband and a wife who put all their efforts to improve their business and watch it expanding year after year. Today in 2020, On Time Solutions 

headquartered in USA, Orlando, Florida and with more than 4 locations all over the world, India, UK, Egypt and France. Having more than 1500 agent, is able to provide multiple services that help different industries. On Time solutions team is located in Egypt and India. This can be seen as a direct result of the favorable exchange rate vs. international currencies thereby making it attractive for foreign investment Most of call centers were located in India for their low wages and good English lever. But what is new is that Egypt started being dominant in call center outsourcing fields.


Our Call Center In Egypt

Egypt's business climate, the availability of low cost highly skilled call center services personn

el, and a supporting emphasis by the Egyptian Government on IT infrastructure availability as well their encouragement of establishing call centers. This encouragement is most evident in the Egyptian Government's policy of providing special discounts on traffic resulting from international call center services

Egypt lies in the south-eastern corner of the Mediterranean, situated ideally at the crossroads of three continents and at the centre of global communication networks thereby making it a highly attractive location for providing international Call Center Services.

Egypt's economy is outward oriented with exports and imports of goods and services. The Egyptian pound is the country's legal currency. Historically, it has been pegged to the US dollar. In an effort to gradually implement a market-determined exchange rate, the government has broadened the band on either side of the core rate in which it allows the currency to trade. The current exchange rate is expected to slowly devaluate against the US Dollar. The rate of Egyptian Pounds to the US Dollar has gone from L.E. 3.47 to L.E. 4.80 in the span of twelve months thereby making foreign investments highly appealing.

The Egyptian Customer Services Representative comes from a young and well-educated population, which provides a pool of competitively priced and reliable labour; relative political stability; and a prime geographical location.
There is an annual flow of approximately 163,000 university graduates (1998/99) and 262,000 graduates of secondary general education (1998/99), in addition to 574,000 technical education graduates.
Although Arabic is the official language in Egypt, Egypt is known for its educational system that graduates student who can speak fluent English, French, and German languages thereby providing excellent dialects reminiscent of these countries.

Salaries and Labor Law Flexibility

  • With the cost of living in Egypt significantly less than in North America or Western
  • Europe, local wages are also considerably lower.
  • Entry-level university graduates in earn around 3,000 $US per year
  • Egypt's labor laws also provide the legal flexibility that will enable Customer Services Representatives to operate on a 24 X 7 basis
    Some of the Multinational Companies Employing Call Center Services in Egypt
    Because of Egypt's highly qualified Customer Service Representatives, strategic geographical location, high tech infrastructure and business friendly laws, many multinational firms such as Microsoft, HP, General Motors, Pfizer, McDonald's, Carrier, Pizza Hut, Citibank, Novartis, and Aventis (to name a few), have chosen to set up their call center operations here.
Our Team
Our Mission
Our vision
Our team provides strategic support and placement of personnel for customer enhancing solutions. Having a professional team with multi-languages can help a lot of businesses all over the world! To be experienced in telesales, marketing, customer service, information technology, survey, and more, put your business in good shape with your customers. whatever business issues you have, On Time solutions team has your back!
On Time Solutions is committed to provide a quality service that satisfy your customers and business with cost efficient solutions from global locations enabling customers achieve their business goals.
As owners, our vision is to dominate the market in the next 5 years! If we have 5 locations now with an average of 1500 employees, we would love to have hundreds of locations with thousands of employees! On Time solution’s vision is to provide more services for businesses and grow faster.


Why you should use On Time Solutions?

With a collective experience of over 7 years in the global call center industry, we have the skills and the know-how to deliver tailor-made solutions to businesses worldwide. Our services start with identifying customer needs, recording customer processes, assessing customer priorities, and designing a tailored training program for customer-specific requirements. We then move those processes to global sites and do not drop the ball, create quality measurements, track the performance of customer service and satisfaction, and monitoring success in building loyalty and improving the brand.

Here's what makes our team special & distinguish it from others!

  • Short turnaround time for projects
  • Major cost savings
  • Strict compliance with international quality standards
  • Experience in the performance of tailor-made ventures (short and long-term)
  • Substantial growth in sales and productivity for businesses
  • A 24-hour dedicated customer engagement unit for project management, transformation, and management.
  • Global consumer experience for more than 7 years •
  • Comprehensive field experience and multi-area outsourcing skills
  • Maintain continuity through strong processes of conservation and resource planning
  • participation of outstanding communication abilities of a multi-lingual and multi-specialty team;
  • Strategic distribution sites to take full advantage of the new technologies.

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With On Time Solutions, a wide range of specialized facilities can be opened through several different businesses and vertical structures. Furthermore, we provide you with 7 years of experience in analyzing sales skills, negotiating contracts, and resolve rules, enforcement, and SLA issues. We save you precious time. Our core principles of integration, cooperation, and competence are closely adhered to build lasting time-tested partnerships.

Welcome to On Time Solutions family!
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